Michael on the job at Ankhor Wat
Michael took over a thousand photographs during the time covered by this story.   These photos are a permanent memorial of the last 16 months of his life.   They are a magnificent collection and provide a beautiful illustration of the many parts of Asia that he saw on his travels.

Michael was justly proud of his photographs.   He made enlargements of his favourite ones and sent these and many others home.   These are noted as "Michael's selection" in the captions.

A number of these pictures were enlarged and displayed at Michael's celebration service on 15 November 2002.   In addition, each program folder provided to those who were present contained a separate different enlargement from his collection.

The pages that follow show a selection of the best of Michael's photographs.   All were taken with his camera (a Canon EOS 300 SLR), with the exception of a few by his brother Peter at Ankhor Wat (including the one above).  The photo gallery is laid out in the order in which the pictures were taken. Michael wrote notes on the backs of only a few of his photographs, so consequently the exact location of some of the pictures is uncertain.   Where he did write on the back his words are set in quotes in the caption alongside each image.

Each of the links below leads to a page of "thumbnail" images of the selections for that location.  To see the full sized images click on the corresponding thumbnail.   These full sized images can be made larger still on the screen in Internet Explorer by clicking on the Full Screen button (or, alternatively, select View / Toolbars and uncheck the top three lines).   To return to the thumbnails from each image click on the Back button.

These photos are in the public domain.   Please feel free to copy them for your own use..

Likewise, if any visitor is able to provide additional information about the location or subjects of any of these pictures, then this would also be greatly appreciated.   Please send details either via the Guestbook (see below) or privately to cdanckwerts@hotmail.com.


Delhi                                  July 2001  -  First days in India

Manali                                July 2001  -  En route to Ladakh

Ladakh                               July 2001  -  Trek through Himalayas

Rishikesh & Varanasi          August 2001  -  Along the Ganges

South India                         Sept & Oct 2001  -  Looking at ashrams

Taiwan                                November 2001 to May 2002  -  Teaching

Angkor Wat                        June 2002  -  With his brother Peter

Thailand                             June/July 2002  -  Water Scenes

Rishikesh                           July/August 2002  -  Back to India

Nepal                                  September 2002  -  Holiday Interlude

Varanasi                             September 2002  -  Ganges Scenes

Return to Rishikesh            January 2004: Michael's ashes released

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