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Name :   Edward C Mansal
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Comment :   I pray that perpetual light shine upon him. With all the comments read, he had indeed touched so many lives. R.I.P
Date :   7th August, 2008
Name :   Shaily Narain
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Comment :   Im really sorry for Michaels sudden and shocking demise. It was hard to believe. I was in Rishikul, Dehradun with him. The short time id spent with him is the most cherished period of my life. May his soul rest in peace.......
Date :   13.062008
Name :   Louise
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Comment :   I am only just begining to know you Michael. With much love and thanks.
Date :   9 June 2008
Name :   Jill
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Comment :   Chris and Annette. I am thinking of you both at this time of yeqr. Michael will always be part of our family, and remembered by all of us.
Date :   7 November 2007
Name :   Kristin
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Comment :   Thinking of you with much love, on Michaels anniversary. Kristin, Christian and Sebastian.
Date :   4 November 2007
Name :   Laura Danckwerts
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Comment :   Michaels bright spirit is with us in his photographs, but his loss is heartbreaking, five years on.
Date :   3rd November 2007
Name :   Fil Young& Harriet Smith
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Comment :   How good is mans life,the mere living! how fit to employ All the heart and soul and senses for ever in joy Robert Browning Our moment of quiet rememberance.
Date :   28/10 2007
Name :   Mark and annetta Danckwerts
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Comment :   Dear Chris and Annette a good friend of ours came across michaels story and really wanted us to read it as she knew we were connected somehow. Our love and thoughts are with you all. a part of your south african family X
Date :   05-08-2007
Name :   mark
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Comment :   first i send you my sorry and hope you now see sunshine. my name is marc i am from france this ashram is where my girlfriend visited in nov 2001, we have two children, 3 and 1, she died august 2006, leukemia, i too will set her free there, she was in lov
Date :   20 march 2007
Name :   katya
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Comment :   thankyou michael and family i send you pure pink light.
Date :   260207
Name :   Fil Young,Harriet Smith &family
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Comment :   Four years have not dimmed our memory of Michael and the loss we all shared.We treasure some copies of his wonderful photo collection
Date :   1st November,2006
Name :   Julie Hart
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Comment :   I found Michaels site while seaching for updates on the missing austrailian backpacker Ryan Chambers who was last seen leaving the Sri Ved Niketan ashram in 2005. My thoughts are with you all, Michaels story has touched me deeply.
Date :   22/06/2006
Name :   Amanda Holden
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Comment :   In search of my old teachers i have found this touching story, my love goes out to all those who new him. And that sweat little puppy we all tried so for. Bless all Amanda
Date :   23/02/06
Name :   Laura Danckwerts
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Comment :   Michaels story remains an inspiration to me and my family, three years on from his death. We miss him so very much.
Date :   2nd November 2005
Name :   Bill Nicol
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Comment :   Thank you for sharing Michaels life with us. We were fascinated by his Ladakh pictures, Michael was clearly very alert and aware when he took these shots which so describe the landscape and people. How did we find the site? Liz Garson is a friend of ours.
Date :   14th October 2005
Name :   Liz Garson
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Comment :   Its been a great pleasure to look through Michaels beautiful photographs. Some of the portraits are particularly moving. Thank you Michael.
Date :   10th October 2005
Name :   helena
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Comment :   In Jan. 2006 I will visit the Ashram in Pondi again. For Michael and his family I shall put flowers at the Samadhi. Michael was needed somewhere else.Thank you fir this website!
Date :   25/08/2005
Name :   Kristin Speziali
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Comment :   What a wonderful tribute to my gorgeous party animal cousin Mike. Ill always remember him in his many guises - particularly when he convinced me that baby sharks really do come out of bath taps!
Date :   19 June 2005
Name :   George Serrano
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Comment :   Awesome....I cant say more.....Thanks.
Date :   Dec 2004
Name :   Blythe
Email address (optional) :   
Comment :   I randomly came across this site while searching for yoga in Tienmu and I have been entranced for the past hour by Michaels travels and his story. This has more than brightened up my day; I feel deeply inspired by his spiritual path and promise to live mo
Date :   Nov 8, 2004
Name :   Monica Borine (Brazil)
Email address (optional) :   
Comment :   Peace my friends. My heart stayed full love for family. I searched net for my guru teacher Swami Dharmananda I met in Rishikesh 1995. I read the wonderful history about your son. He is a beautiful person. He is on peace. He is a spirit of light. With love
Date :   18 September 2004
Name :   Claudia Leigh
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Comment :   Hello, I came across this site, randomly surfing through the net. I can only offer my deepest sympathies to you and your entire family for the loss of Mike, it seems he lived a fuller life than most of us can only dream about. Much love
Date :   09.07.04
Name :   Erik Albers
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Comment :   Wow, what a story, i pray for you. I was also in Rishikul for a month and followed a few courses from Swamiji in the past in Rishikesh, which is my second home-town too. Thanks to this site im able to print out pictures which i didnt take in Rishikul.
Date :   29.2.2004
Name :   Laura, Don & Kristin
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Comment :   Dear Annette, Chris and Peter, With tomorrow being a year on, we are thinking of you all with great love. Laura, Don & Kristin
Date :   2nd November, 2003
Name :   Fil Young
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Comment :   A wonderful ,touching journey with Michael that will be often revisited.Regards to Chris, Annette and Peter.
Date :   21st Oct.2003
Name :   Sandra Montague
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Comment :   A wonderful tribute to a very special young man with whom I had the privilege of knowing all his life; Chris and Annette I am so proud of you both - with love.
Date :   8 October 2003
Name :   Liz
Email address (optional) :
Comment :   I couldnt agree more. Truly a moving story, and a tribute that will surely keep Mikes memory alive in a beautiful way. Love, Liz
Date :   6 May 2003
Name :   Jan & Nigel Westlake
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Comment :   Chris, Annette & Peter.... you must be so proud of Michael & miss him terribly. Web page is incredible.... his emails describe with such clarity an interesting journey that was just not long enough. Your strength, support & love is incredibly inspiring.
Date :   3 May 2003
Name :   Lyndal Carter
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Comment :   What a masterpiece you (and Mike) have created, Uncle Chris! I am overwhelmed! I am so glad to have been able to learn so much about my cousin. An amazing spirit. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
Date :   2 May 2003
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