On the Ganges at Varanasi
Michael travelled from Nepal to Varanasi in late September 2002 to meet up with his friend Jimmy Goodrich, his then partner Rachel, Robert Servine and other friends before going on to Pondicherry to commence his yoga teacher's course.   His stay in Varanasi was a brief one as the starting date for his course was imminent.

The photos he took in Varanasi were nearly all of the waterfront of  the Ganges, taking in the colourful scenes at the river's edge.   Some are taken from the shore, others from a boat that he must have hired with Jimmy and Rachel.

These are the last photographs that Michael took.   Sadly, he never saw the results of his photography.   The two rolls of film that he took in Varanasi had not been processed at the time of his death.


Varanasi 1                                    Scenes from the Ganges

Varanasi 2                                    More Scenes from the Ganges

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