Taroko Gorge, near Hua Lien
In contrast to the other places that Michael travelled through, he seems to have largely put his camera away in Taiwan while his teaching duties kept him occupied.   In his seven months there, from October 2001 to May 2002, he took only five rolls of pictures.   Most of these were in or around Jui Fang, the village where he was employed as an English teacher at the GRAM English School.  

This school is at the end of a short street, lined with market stalls, leading from the railway station.    Michael's accommodation, a spacious and comfortable apartment, was a ten minute walk further out of town.   It was on the top (fourth) floor of a building overlooking a river which housed the "Full Love American" pre-school where Michael occasionally also took classes.

Michael loved the children at both these places, and they obviously took to him very enthusiastically.   He also had excellent rapport with his colleagues, despite their limited English, and joined them in many social activities.

Michael spent much time bushwalking through the hills around Jui Fang. There he found and photographed many small Buddhist temples which were hidden away in these hills.

At weekends Michael went to Taipei, a 40 minute train ride away, and to other places in Taiwan with his friends Michelle and Jimmy and others  who were based in Taipei.

Although not all of his photographs can be placed with any degree of certainty, Michael does not appear to have taken any in Taipei.


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