The Sri Ved Niketan ashram in Rishikesh
When Michael arrived back in India from Bangkok in July 2002 he headed straight to Rishikesh, the place where the Ganges descends from the mountains.   He had last been here twelve months earlier.   If ever any place was his spiritual home, this was it.   And within Rishikesh his "home away from home" was the Ved Niketan Ashram.

Within two days of arriving in Rishikesh Michael set off on a 3 week pilgrimage to Gangotri, the reputed source of the Ganges.   After a few days back in Rishikesh he made anothet trip, this time to Dharamsala, the Indian residence of the Dalai Lama.  On his return, after a few more days in Rishikesh he then headed for Dehra Dun to undertake a yoga training course at the Rishikul Sevashram which lasted for about three weeks.   After this he left Rishikesh for the last time and departed for Nepal.

During his time in Dehra Dun he wrote his account of "Just Another Day in India" which appears in the
August 2002 page of this web site.


Gangotri                                  Gangotri and the Ved Niketan Ashram

Rishikesh                                 Scenes from in and around Rishikesh

Dehra Dun                               Scenes from Rishikul Sevashram

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In January 2004, Michael's family made their own journey to Rishikesh, to release his ashes to the Ganges near the Ved Niketan ashram.  They saw for themselves the natural, calm beauty of the place and could easily see why Michael so loved to be here.  It was the perfect setting for the start of his last journey, down the Ganges river, and for finally setting his spirit free.

An account of this journey can be found
here, and the photos taken at this time can be found here.